Hey, you have a normal skin

Normal skin is healthy skin that is in optimum condition to carry out its essential functions. Smooth, firm and versatile, normal skin is well-moisturised and balanced, and free from lesions and signs of sensitivity. It feels soft and supple, and pores are barely visible.

To keep normal skin in top condition, look for products that respect and reinforce your skin's natural barrier, also known as your microbiome. Keep your skin's defences up by regularly moisturising and using SPF creams to protect it from UV rays.

I live in a city

Normal skin can react to the poor air quality, UV rays and stress of city life. Boost your skin’s natural barrier bycleansing thoroughly and moisturising , and applying sunscreen daily.

I am exposed to central heating or air-conditioning

Being exposed to central heating can dry out the inner and outer layers of skin. Deep moisturising can help keep your skin in optimal condition and reduce flaking and itchiness.

I am a regular smoker

Regular smoking depletes skin of oxygen, leading to dryness, premature aging, wrinkles and fine lines, and intensifying scarring and pigmentation. It causes collagen breakdown and greater sensitivity to UV rays.

I drink less than 8 glasses of water a day

Drinking water is essential for overall health, and specifically for hydrating our skin. We recommend drinking adequate amounts of water daily to keep your skin healthy from the inside, out.

I wear make-up every day

Be sure to remove all traces of make-up daily, and thoroughly cleanse and moisturise your skin, avoiding harsh products than can disturb its natural balance and barriers, or cause irritation.

Facts about normal skin


Although normal skin is problem-free most of the time, people usually expereince some form of imbalance or condition on their skin at some point each year. Skin is a living organ that is affected by external and internal factors- changes are normal and skin conditions can fluctuate


People with normal skin have a well-balanced skin, although may still experience oiliness around the T-zone.


Regular skincare routines help your skin maintain a normal balance.


Changes in weather affects the skin condition, therefore it's important to adapt your routine seasonaly.

Your routine

First step

Use gentle products that effectively cleanse without stripping your skin of it's protective barrier, such as microbiome friendly soaps and gels that lock in your skin's natural moisture while boosting its natural defences.

Second step

As for all skin-types, wearing UV protection is extremely important in keeping skin healthy. Always wear sunscreen when going out into the sun, and remember to moisturize regularly with a soft water-based lotion.

Third step

The best and most simple way to maintain a glowing complexion is to drink plenty of water. This will help naturally flush out toxins, prevent premature ageing, maintain normal pH balance, promote faster healing, and even out your skin tone.