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ingredients of
93% natural origin

New Sanex Zero%

with essential ingredients

A new and improved formula for the most minimalist range of Sanex.

We believe that each and every one of its 10 ingredients are essential: carefully selected to perform optimally together with your skin and promote its natural functions, for gentle cleansing, natural moisturisation and a pleasant skin feel.

A clean and safe formula that respects both your skin and our planet.

New packs
Sanex Zero new Pack

More Zero% than ever



0% microplastics. 0% sulphates*. 0% soap. 0% colorants.


100% recycled & recyclable bottle


93% natural origin


99% biodegradable formula


True Zero Waste certified

*Does not contain any sulfate-based surfactants.

Formulated with natural humectants that bring moisture to the skin, hydrate its outer layers and trap water in the skin preventing its loss

Dr. Zac Handler


Every shower counts

For your skin

The new Sanex Zero% formula does not contain anything not strictly necessary. Developed with skin experts and dermatologically tested, new Sanex Zero% formula is streamlined to 10 ingredients that we consider essential to deliver the maximum efficacy in a gentle way, working together with your skin to promote its natural functions.

These 10 essential ingredients have been carefully selected for the optimal performance of our formula which delivers gentle and effective cleansing and, thanks to its Triple Action Hydration, promotes skin’s natural moisturising process keeping it hydrated for up to 8 hours.


For our planet

Sanex's commitment to sustainability has been a constant, developing products that safeguard our planet's resources in a responsible and respectful way.

This continued commitment goes even further with the new Sanex Zero% range, ingredients are responsibly sourced, products manufactured in a certified True Zero Waste facilities and with a 100% recycled and 100% recyclable bottle.

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Understanding Triple Action Hydration  

Developed with natural moisturisation factors, the new Sanex Zero% formula works together with your skin’s natural moisturisation mechanisms to keep it hydrated for up to 8 hours.

hidrates skin

Hydrates skin’s natural moisture barrier

attracts moisture

Attracts moisture into the skin


locks in moisture

Locks in moisture


Produced in True Zero Waste facilities

Our facilities have obtained the True Zero Waste certificate, an excellence standard in waste management and resource optimization.

- 70%


- 40%


- 30%


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