Expert Skin Health Body Wash for Hydration

Instantly make skin feel soft & hydrated with up to 12h of moisturisation



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New line Sanex Expert Skin Health Body Wash

New Sanex Expert Skin Health Body Wash

Sanex Expert Skin Health body wash have been expertly crafted with moisture lock technology to deeply nourish your skin, making it feel instantly soft & hydrated for up to 12 hours. The advanced prebiotic complex in the shower gel formula helps to make your skin more resilient leaving it less prone to dryness even after the shower and creating a strong barrier against external aggressors.

New line Sanex Expert Skin Health+ Body Wash

New Sanex Expert Skin Health+ Body Wash

Sanex Expert Skin Health + body washes with their advanced prebiotic complex and moisturising technology have been developed with additional ingredients to target advanced skin needs. The Micellar Soothing shower gel formula includes Omega 3 to help soothe skin tightness while the Atopicare Oil with additional lipids and emollients helps to soothe itchiness and dryness for atopic prone skin.

“Instantly makes my skin feel soft and hydrated”


* 70% of 117 users. Sanex Shower Gel HUT, UK, June 2022

Why Sanex Expert Skin Health body wash?

Naturally balances and nourishes skin

Filling your skin with life is filling it with moisture. With softness. With an advanced prebiotic shower gel formula developed with dermatologists that deeply and gently nourishes your skin.

With prebiotic complex & moisture lock technology

Filling your skin with life is practising self love: making sure it's nourished and healthy with the right body wash and shower gel, ready to protect you from external aggressors. Making it more resilient.

Hydrates and softens skin

Filling your skin with life is getting it ready for whatever comes next.

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Helps protect skin’s barrier

A unique blend of skin nutrients in our body wash, deodorant and antiperspirant produce that help support a healthy skin microbiome, our natural first layer of protection

Moisturised skin even after showering

Its prebiotic complex and moisturising body wash formula support the good bacteria, helping your skin to become more resilient. This way, its natural barrier against external aggressors is strengthened, less prone to dryness and more likely to stay healthy.

Keeps external aggressors out

That means your skin locks in moisture while keeping aggressors out. In with the good, out with the bad.

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