Sanex Natural Prebiotic
from Organic Agave

Organic Agave Body Wash for Nourished Skin

Drench your skin with moisture for up to 12 hours

An invigorating skin health experience

The New Sanex Natural Prebiotic range from Organic Agave transforms your skin and refreshes you with a gentle fragrance. A sensorial experience that restores your skin's moisture and leaves it healthy, vibrant and nourished. In other words, ready for whatever makes you feel full of life.

Transform your skin

A burst of natural prebiotic

We know finding balance can be hard. But having balanced skin doesn't have to be.

Thanks to its gentle, expertly developed formula, the new Sanex Natural Prebiotic from Organic Agave naturally balances your skin leaving it moisturised for up to 12 hours. Its gentle yet refreshing fragrance and texture give your skin the nourishing experience it deserves.


Naturally balances and nourishes skin

Developed with dermatologists. Certified by the British Skin Foundation

12h of moisturised skin

Which one is for you?

Natural Prebiotic from Organic Agave comes in three different types. Choose the care that suits you and your skin.

Revitalising: for all skin types

The teal variant revitalises all types of skin. It is formulated with an advanced prebiotic complex & pro-vitamin B5 to gently hydrate for up to 12 hours and also has a gentle refreshing fragrance.

Replenishing: for dry skin

The orange variant for dry skin has an advanced prebiotic complex & wheat germ oil to gently nourish & hydrate for up to 12 hours. Also with a gentle refreshing fragrance.

Calming: for sensitive skin

The pink variant for sensitive skin has a gentle refreshing fragrance and an advanced prebiotic complex & lactose to gently moisturise, soothe and hydrate your skin for up to 12 hours.

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