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There are so many factors that affect the balance of our skin microbiome. From what we put on our skin, to pollution and even sunlight. That’s why it’s important to keep it healthy and protected. Part of that, is keeping it moisturised and also enhancing its natural moisturisation so that you don’t experience dry skin. In this article we’re going to explain what the skin microbiome is, the role it plays in hydration and what helps dry skin.

What is your skin microbiome?

There’s a collection of microorganisms on your skin, which are called your skin microbiome, and it forms part of your natural first layer of defence. These microorganisms are made up of good bacteria and bad bacteria, but there should always be a balance which helps your skin to stay healthy. Sometimes, when your skin microbiome is not well looked after, you can experience dry or extremely dry skin. But don’t worry, there are ways that you can look after your microbiome to help stop this dryness.

How does your microbiome affect skin hydration??

Your skin is an amazing organ. It acts as a barrier for all sorts of aggressors that could harm you. It also holds in natural moisture that keeps your skin looking and feeling healthy.

Part of the skin’s defence system is the skin microbiome, which needs to be balanced. You may wonder what causes dry skin and how to get rid of dry skin. There are many reasons you may experience extremely dry skin, one of which is an imbalance in your skin microbiome. A healthy microbiome is varied, and it helps to regulate and manage your skin, which is why ensuring it’s healthy and well looked after could potentially prevent dry skin.

"Hydrated skin allows a healthy microbiome to thrive. Dry skin leads to an overgrowth of problematic bacteria that results in inflammation and lacks the benefit of a healthy microbiome."

Dr. Zac Handler

How to protect your skin's microbiome and prevent dry skin

Protecting the good bacteria on your skin is easy with Sanex. They’ve created a new product range called Sanex BiomeProtect. The range has been expertly crafted to strengthen your skin’s barrier and to lock in its natural moisture. The formula includes a proprietary prebiotic and postbiotic complex that supports the good bacteria, while targeting the bad as well as enhancing your skin’s natural barrier and hydration.

If you’re experiencing dry skin, or even extremely dry skin, that may be caused by an imbalance in your microbiome, you could try Sanex BiomeProtect Dermo Moisturising Body Wash. It’s been designed to boost the natural hydration of your skin, while strengthening the microbiome – its first line of defence.

You may have very dry skin and need a little something extra to help keep it moisturised. You could try Sanex BiomeProtect Atopicare Oil Repair. This is a shower oil, with 0% sulfates, that has been crafted to cleanse your skin while restoring its natural barrier.

How effective is the improvement of your microbiome for dry skin?

Sanex conducted a number of consumer studies to gauge how consumers feel about the new Sanex BiomeProtect products. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Participants in the study felt that the products relieved their skin from the sensation of dryness and even felt as though Sanex BiomeProtect left a thin layer of moisturise on their skin.

If you’re experiencing dry skin, it could well be a result of your microbiome, so it’s important to keep it balanced and healthy with the right products.




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