Skin care tips: How to Shower & Maintain Good Personal Hygiene

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Thought all showers were created equal? Think again. From the ideal water temperature, to the products to wash your body with and the habits to avoid, discover how to maximise your daily shower routine and leave your skin looking radiant.

Why is washing important?

Keeping the skin clean and healthy is not only important for your overall health but your wellbeing too. You feel more confident about yourself and positive about the day ahead. Regular hand washing with anti-bacterial hand soap is also vital in fighting off and spreading nasty forms of bacteria and viruses such as flu. Taking a shower also rids the skin on the body of sebum and pollution that can cause congestion, breakouts and dullness, while keeping you smelling great by removing sweat and body odour.

How to shower properly

Emerge from your shower with soft, smooth and glowing skin by following these simple hacks…

1. Check the water temperature

Before you step into the shower, let the water run for a moment or two to ensure the temperature is right. You should aim for a lukewarm temperature as hot water can dry out the skin and leave it red and aggravated.

2. Avoid bacteria-harbouring cleansing tools

If you like to use a loofah or sponge in the shower you may want to get rid of it – and fast. Cleansing tools like this can harbour bacteria, mould and yeast which can transfer onto your skin. Try to avoid using them all together or replace regularly (at least every month).

3. Wash your face at the sink

Many dermatologists advise washing your face once you’re out of the shower. Why? Using slightly different water temperatures can be beneficial. Start by working cleansing product into the skin with warm water – this will open the pores and penetrate the skin. Once you’ve massaged your cleanser into the skin, remove it with cold water to close the pores and stop bacteria from entering.

4. Exfoliate gently once or twice a week

A gentle exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and allows the newer skin beneath to show. This makes the skin feel smoother and appear brighter and glowing. You can do this in the shower with a gentle exfoliating shower gel or scrub. If you also like to use an exfoliating mitt, be sure to not overdo it as over scrubbing will leave the skin irritated and stripped of essential oils. Once or twice a week will suffice and leave your skin feeling hydrated and radiant.

5. What should you wash your body with?

To keep your skin in tip-top condition, choose a shower cream, gel or soap that is suitable for your skin type. Sanex Expert Skin Health Hypoallergenic Shower Gel is hypoallergenic and specifically developed for sensitive skin so it can be used by the whole family. If your skin is on the drier side, try Sanex Dermo Moisturising Shower Gel to maintain hydration levels, or Sanex Expert Skin Health + Micellar Revitalising Shower Gel to remove oil and impurities from combination skin. Every Sanex shower gel and cream respects the skin’s natural pH and helps to protect the natural barrier function.


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