Essential Care Tips for Normal Skin

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If you’ve ever seen the term ‘normal skin’ on a skincare product, you may have wondered exactly what that means. This term simply refers to skin that doesn’t have any real concerns and is generally well-balanced and calm.

If this sounds like you, then you’ll be pleased to know that your skincare routine should be slightly less high maintenance than those with more specific concerns but you should still follow a simple regime to keep your skin healthy and functioning smoothly.

Characteristics of normal skin

Normal is the way we describe a skin type in optimum condition that is able to carry out its essential functions with no major concerns. If you have this skin type your skin will feel smooth and firm with plenty of elasticity and good levels of hydration.

How to care for normal skin

While normal skin types don’t have any specific concerns to address, you may still experience some minor feelings of dryness or oiliness from time to time. You can help to keep your skin in tip-top condition with a skincare routine that assists the skin in carrying out its essential functions. You may also need to tweak your routine slightly due to changes in the season, such as winter when the skin needs slightly more moisture.

In the shower

Cleansing the skin on the body is one of the most important steps in your daily skincare routine as it removes sweat, pollution, debris and sebum from the pores. Sanex Zero% Normal Skin Shower Gel is a gentle way to keep the skin soft and well balanced with a dermatologically tested formula that is free from colorants and soap.

"Normal skin is healthy, well-moisturised and balanced, so it requires a simple and protective skin care routine."


In the bath

If you enjoy a long soak in the bath after a busy day, then you can help to care for your skin with a gentle bath foam. Sanex Zero% Normal Skin Bath Foam contains minimal ingredients and is dermatologically tested to maintain the balance of normal skin without colourants or soap.

Under the arms

Your deodorant should not only provide protection from sweat and odour, but care for the underarm skin too. Sanex Dermo Extra Control 48h Anti-Perspirant Roll-On does both with a dermatologically tested formula; it provides long-lasting odour protection while keeping the skin’s natural pH in check.


A normal skin type may feel a little dry from time to time, especially in the winter or after a summer holiday. When your skin does need extra moisture, you can apply a lotion.


We need to wash our hands regularly to keep them clean and free from germs, but this can leave the skin feeling quite dry. Keep yours well balanced and hydrated by applying a nourishing hand cream regularly throughout the day. A normal skin type may not need anything too rich so opt for a lightweight formula. If you feel like your hands need something a little more intensive, you can apply a richer hand cream just before you go to bed. This will allow the cream to really soak into the skin while you sleep.

Zac Handler, M.D. is a board-certified academic dermatologist and an assistant clinical professor in dermatology at Rutgers University New Jersey Medical School and New York Medical College. Dr. Handler holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of California, San Diego, and received his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Nebraska.


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