Dehydrated Skin vs Dry Skin: Know the Difference

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Our skin’s needs are always changing and everything from the weather to our immune system can affect its health. One common problem that impacts all skin types however, is dehydration – a problem that is often confused with dryness. But how can you tell the difference and make sure you’re caring for your skin’s needs effectively?

What causes dry skin?

Dryness is a skin type caused by environmental factors like the sun, pollution and humidity – and sometimes just genetics. Drier skin types often have a weakened protective barrier that has trouble holding onto water and the important lipids that help to hydrate it. You may find that dry skin often doesn’t absorb products such as moisturisers that well (so heavier formulas are needed) and it’s often affected by flaking, tightness and dullness.

Dehydration is not a skin type but a side effect of not having enough water in the body. You can often tell if your skin is dehydrated by the way it absorbs products; dehydrated skin often drinks in moisturisers easily while still feeling like it needs more. It may also feel very tight when you get out of the shower and look flat and dull.

Caring for dehydrated skin

It’s important to provide dehydrated skin with adequate moisture to protect it from damage. Once you have identified that your skin is dehydrated, you can use the appropriate body lotions and moisturisers to hydrate it. You should also try to drink around six to eight glasses of water a day to hydrate the skin from the inside.


Dry skin care

Sanex’s Zero% Dry Skin Shower Gel can help keep your skin moisturised and healthy with natural moisturisers and fewer chemicals.

Dehydrated skin care

A great way of quenching the needs of thirsty and dehydrated skin is with a moisturising body wash like Sanex Expert Skin Health Pro Hydrate. It’s ideal for normal to dry skin types and helps replenish the skin’s protective barrier while maintaining its natural Ph balance – both of which can be compromised when the skin is dehydrated.


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