Learn about safety standards and testing policy

It is Sanex’s fundamental responsibility to ensure the safety of its products. This is why it continually reviews the materials used in product development, always taking into account legal regulations, scientific advances, consumer insights and issues raised by non-governmental organisations.

Sanex bath & shower and deodorant products are approved by dermatologists, while routine testing ensures their continued quality. Tests are conducted in close collaboration with independent research centres, in line with the Sanex philosophy of openness and integrity. External labs are engaged to ensure no harm to skin. Strict quality control tests on resistance to temperature, endurance and stability are taken before any product is put on the shelves.

Raising safety standards

In terms of safety, our internal standards surpass legal requirements, going far beyond European safety measures. The Sanex ‘Critical Ingredients Programme’ (CIP) continually examines the formulation of Sanex products under conditions more stringent and demanding than EC guidelines.

What’s more, we aim not merely to declare the use of allergens as required by the EC – we actively seek to remove them from our products. Our strict fragrance policy has effectively minimised the use of allergens in all Sanex deodorants, and bath & shower gels to a level below the threshold stipulated by EC guidelines.

The same policy ensures that the fragrances used in our formulations are safe even for sensitive skin types.

Respect for life

Besides safety concerns, Sanex also strives to produce Earth-friendly and animal-friendly products. To this end, absolutely no animal testing is carried out and our R&D operation partners with non-governmental organisations to ensure the use of ingredients that respect not only your skin, but also the environment.

25 years of research.

Building on the experience and knowledge accumulated over 25 years, the Sanex Institute promotes and encourages skin health research and understanding.