Explore the functions of healthy skin

Sanex products are developed to help keep your skin in perfect condition to perform all of its essential functions. Find out more about the functions of healthy skin and how they affect your wellbeing.

  • Protection

    Healthy skin provides your whole body with a two-way barrier: it keeps contaminants out and locks moisture in. It is your first line of defence, shielding you from trauma, UV rays, pollution, bacteria, viruses, fungi and other harmful stimuli.

  • Thermoregulation

    Healthy skin insulates you from heat and cold. It holds a constant body temperature of 37ºC, maintained through the mechanism of perspiration and the constriction and dilation of blood vessels.

  • Immunity

    Skin is a key part of your immune system. It can recognise infectious agents and trigger defence mechanisms.

  • Sensory function

    Skin is covered with receptors that allow you to feel heat and cold, pain and sensory pleasure. It reveals your moods, when you are angry or embarrassed. Skin goes beyond skin-deep – it is intricately linked with your physical and emotional wellbeing.

  • An amazing organ in perfect balance

    Healthy skin acts as your body’s shield from external, potentially harmful agents. Its elasticity makes it shock-absorbent. It seals in moisture, absorbs sun radiation, regulates your temperature, provides immunity and gives you your sense of touch. Functions that, each and every one, help keep your body protected, strong and radiant with health.
    Sanex products are developed to help keep your skin in perfect condition to perform all of its essential functions.Sanex bath & shower gels contain the unique Dermo Active 3 complex to gently protect, balance and moisturise your skin. Sanex antiperspirants with active Bioresponse, work against odour causing bacteria whilst respecting your skin’s natural bacteria*, to keep it protected and healthy.
    *bacterial flora


your knowledge

How skin savvy are you? Put your knowledge to the test with this simple quiz. Are the following statements true or false?

  • 1

    Drinking 1.5 litres of water a day is enough to keep your skin well moisturised.