Discover Sanex research and development

The science of healthy skin

At Sanex our mission is to keep each and every one’s skin healthy. Everything we produce is designed to help the skin work naturally at its best. And all our products stem from the very heart of our operation.
Research and development (now based in Piscataway, USA), is where Sanex has been conducting in-depth skin care research for over 25 years. Sanex Institute gives guidance on development work and shares its knowledge, along with guidelines on responsible application, with the Sanex development operation.

The Sanex laboratory

Boasting state-of-the-art test facilities, the Sanex development laboratory has up to 100 projects continually running in parallel, all designed to help create safe, effective new products that use the very latest ingredients. Sanex product development teams seek the best formulations to meet specific needs, aiming, when possible, to reduce the number of chemical ingredients used in each product.


In our research and development work, we engage with third-party professionals. We routinely reach out to experts from academia, non-governmental organisations and the medical community, to stay at the forefront of knowledge and trends and gain objective endorsement. That’s why all Sanex bath & shower gels and deodorants carry the claim “Approved by dermatologists”.
But just as importantly, we pay attention to what our consumers want, what they need and what they think of our products. That way, we can ensure they are not only safe and effective, but also meet with consumer’s needs and desires.

Effective new products

Our research and development operation has led to the creation of products such as Sanex Zero% and Naturprotect.

The Sanex Zero% range contains less artificial chemical ingredients. Awarded the European Eco label, it is tested and proven to limit impact on aquatic systems, fulfil biodegradable guidelines and limit packaging waste. Sanex Zero% is available in an eco refill pouch which contains 73 per cent less plastic than a normal plastic shower gel bottle.

Sanex Zero% deodorant contains the natural mineral alum, an active mineral which has powerful deodorising properties. The range contains no aluminium chlorohydrate, alcohol or parabens and is approved by dermatologists.

25 years of research.

Building on the experience and knowledge accumulated over 25 years, the Sanex Institute promotes and encourages skin health research and understanding.