Discover the Sanex benefit for your skin

Explore our unique Dermo Active 3 complex which provides skin with its three fundamental needs to stay healthy.

  • Deep moisturisation

    Sanex products are formulated with a combination of moisturisers similar to the ones your skin contains naturally. These have the capacity to retain the natural moisture of your skin and attract water molecules, to keep your skin smooth, soft and moisturised.

  • pH balance

    Sanex research has proven that the natural, healthy skin pH level is 4.7 on average, which is lower than currently assumed. When showering with tap water or inappropriate products, your skin pH increases, enabling harmful bacteria to develop. That’s why all of our products have an acidic pH to help maintain your skin’s natural balance.

  • Protection

    Dermo Active 3 works with the skin, not only on the surface. It delivers essential and active ingredients that nourish your skin, strengthening its own protective barrier and making it more resistant to potentially harmful bacteria.

  • The Sanex difference
    Sanex is committed to keeping your skin healthy. Our products really get under the surface, actively working with the skin’s natural processes to help them work at their healthy best.

  • Our antiperspirant range with active Bioresponse works against odour causing bacteria whilst respecting your skin’s natural bacteria*.
     *bacterial flora


  • Sanex partners with other skin care experts to ensure that the most advanced thinking is applied to our products. In fact, all of our products are approved by dermatologists.